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Tell Congress:
We need privacy now

Big Tech and Big Cable are recording, analyzing and selling almost everything we do. By turning our private human interactions and experiences into data and auctioning it off to the highest bidder (often without our consent), powerful corporations and bad actors are gaining new powers to control and manipulate us. Tell your members of Congress: “I urge you to support a strong consumer privacy law that guards against discrimination, does not undermine state efforts to protect consumer privacy, and lets consumers sue companies that violate their privacy rights.”


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What’s happening

Consumer privacy laws have not kept pace with technology, allowing tech giants, government agencies, mega-corporations, and bad actors to abuse our most sensitive information for their personal gain. Even companies that we think we can trust often repeatedly neglect to protect our personal information, leaving us vulnerable to breaches from unauthorized and malicious individuals. Following years of inaction, lawmakers in Congress have finally begun drafting bills to stop this. But will they pass a law that puts people in control of their own personal information, or will they pass a pro-industry law that weakens our privacy and provides no opportunity for individuals to enforce their rights? The answer is up to us.

Debunking the myths

It’s time for governments to put people—not powerful corporations— in control of their data. The European Union and California state have already passed strong data protection laws, and now U.S. lawmakers in Congress have begun drafting their own bills. But lobbyists representing the tech, telecom, and advertising industries are doing everything they can to weaken consumer and state-level protections so they can keep mining our personal information for their own financial gain. We need Congress to pass a strong data privacy law based on facts, not industry-fueled myths.

X Myth

There is no such thing as “privacy” in the digital age.

check Fact

Privacy has definitely taken a hit in the digital age. Meanwhile, tools that protect privacy are helping people reduce their online footprint and take back control of their sensitive information. But EVERYONE deserves privacy, not just tech-savvy people who avail themselves of these tools. That’s why we’re targeting Congress to pass a law that protects everyone.

X Myth

People with nothing to hide have nothing to fear.

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Even if you think you have nothing to hide, your data could be used in the near future by a government to manipulate or surveil you, by a corporation to discriminate against you, or by a common criminal to rob you. Personal information has been used to prevent people from securing housing, wrongfully incriminate innocent people, and expose personal and sensitive information leading to harm.

X Myth

“Data privacy laws” are bad for the economy.

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The voices that push this myth are the same voices that profit from violating people’s trust while maintaining a digital ecosystem that is designed to keep us ignorant and rob us of our opportunity to decide. Startups and small businesses have joined the chorus of voices calling for strong data privacy laws. If a company’s business model is based on violating our trust, it should be held accountable. That’s a basic market principle.

This is how we make Congress work for us

Raising the standard of trust in the digital ecosystem requires a collective effort. It’s up to all of us to make strong data privacy protections a reality.

Here’s the plan:

Flood lawmakers with calls and emails

When millions of people call and email their representatives, Congress listens. We each need to do our part to organize our networks to contact Congress and tell them exactly what kind of strong protections we need to keep us safe.

Organize in-district constituent pressure

It’s important for lawmakers to see that people care about this issue in the communities they represent. We’ll help schedule in-person events, protests, meetings, and canvassing to mobilize constituencies that target lawmakers are likely to listen to.

Build power

We’ll build consensus among organizations and individuals calling for real privacy reforms and expose those who are funded by the industries seeking to maintain the status quo.

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